Certificate of registration of birth abroad

Registration of birth outside Sri Lanka
  1. Documents we accept as proof of citizenship

If you have never resided in Germany, your application will be forwarded to the Registry Office I in Berlin, whose processing time currently takes between 3 and 4 years. Bring all documents and certificate listed below in the original plus two simple copies each.

Documents we accept as proof of citizenship

The copies will be certified at the German Mission and the originals immediately returned to you. All South African documents must be in the unabridged full form.

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Additional documentation might be requested depending on your specific case. The Registry Office I in Berlin will likely charge the following:. You will be notified by email about the exact amount and the banking details.

pierreducalvet.ca/42200.php We offer consular services at 5 locations in South Africa and Mauritius. Please contact the German Mission nearest to your holiday destination or nearest to your place of residence. Content Must the Birth of my Child be Registered?

Entering Finland

What is the Application Process? How to Apply.

Registering a Child as a British Citizen

This form should be signed by the applicant and, where there is a Kenya Mission in the country abroad, countersigned by a member of that mission. The documentary evidence to be produced of the birth may be a certificate of birth issued by the appropriate authority in the country abroad, with an English translation of the certificate if it is not in English; or, if certificates are not issued in the country abroad, a certificate of the birth given by the Doctor, Midwife or other person who attended the birth. Where a person is unable to produce satisfactory documentary evidence, the application may still be completed and forwarded to the Registrar, who will advise what alternative evidence may be accepted.

Kenya Embassy Washington D. Applicant above the age of maturity 18 years and above should show proof of Dual Citizenship Disclosure.

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