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I also helped my friend order his it took 2 weeks for his. They say days. On the order select the option for apostille and they give you the long form and the leter of exemplifacation. For out side of the city you can just order it from the DEPT of vital statistics via the vitalcheck or goto the town clerk where you were born and get the long form. Then take it to the county clerk of where you were born and have them sign off on it. Then take it to the dept of state. I just hit a roadblock in obtaining my Italian citizenship.

I was born in NY to an Italian father but my mother had my stepfather adopt me when I was I just found out that I can't get a copy of my original birth certificate without petitioning the court by hiring a lawyer. I am trying to order a birth certificate from New York to Canada. When I try to order it through VitalCheck I get an error on the province when trying to enter my address. I finally found a way around this my first typing in a US address then changing it to a Canadian address but then it asks me for my social security card for verification. Has anybody else had these issues when ordering the birth certificate?

I was able to call up VitalChek, and after about 30 mins on hold, I was able to update the order so that they would send me the long form. There is no option to do this online, but if you call them up, you may be able to have them make the change depending on what state's records you are ordering. It took about 1 minute after I got through to someone, and it didn't cost me any extra money.

Hey Celeste! I'm doing the same thing for Dominican republic, i think we follow the same procedure and then when all the papers are done take them to the Dominican Embassy at broadway 4th fl to apply for a Cedula, to finish the process. Thomas, thank you so much for blogging this. As an american born girl trying to get dual citizenship for Dominican Republic, it has been a bit challenging due to the language barrier.

My parents were both born there and I'm heading out there to take care of some business matters, so when someone suggested getting a dual citizenship to facilitate the process. My head spun. But you have made this such an easy process! They Never Pick up, just got threw there website it works took me 2 weeks to get My Birth Certificate.

Do I get my birth certificate with the letter of exemplification on the same day if I apply in person???? Also, assuming they send you both, does it still have to go to Manhattan County for certification, or can it go straight up to Albany for the apostille? Hi, thanks to this blog entry, I was able to quickly get my apostille.

How to Apostille a New York Westchester County Birth Certificate

To confirm information of the original entry and the comments and the information of the link at the end of this comment , I post my experience for others. I used the UPS Air shipping offer for the 20 miles distance to be covered so as to get business days processing time processing time currently averages business days via regular mail. My order was placed online the day before the Memorial Day weekend.

Your identity has been verified. Your payment was received. Your order was transferred to New York City Dept. My father went in person 10 minute walk from the 60 Center Street office , paid 10 dollars and walked out of the office 7 minutes later with the apostille. It could be that the page hasn't existed in this form all too long, as it mentions a very recent slight revision in the method in which NYS DoS produces apostilles.

Effective April 15, , apostilles will be produced with a black and white laser printed facsimile of the New York State Department of State Seal. The Great Seal of the State of New York will no longer be embossed either directly on any apostille or on a gold foil wafer placed on an apostille. I will comment on one point. If you are abroad and have someone near NYC to do steps 2 and 3 big thank-you to my parents!

For people in an extreme hurry, order from VitalChek now. My mother went to the New York City Dept. The birth certificate from that order has not yet arrived. Today is Wednesday, June 16, Time from reading this blog page to apostille: 18 days 11 business days! Took me a while to figure out that dollar signs are not accepted in comments. The information here sent me in the right direction, and I have some information to add. It may already be in the comments, but I'm not up to reading through all of them to find out, so apologies if this is redundant.

The website includes a link to a table of frequently updated turnaround times. It appears that the fastest method is to order online. Thank you for explaining the process in this detail. They kept referring me to the County Clerk for an Apostille! One of them — in the Birth Records section got so frustrated with me that she suddenly put me on hold for 3 minutes I thought to ask her superiors but then after coming back, she still had no answer and hung up on me.

Proof of Birth

I hope this works. I just ordered mine this way before reading this blog post and your comment. In my case, I need this along with apostilled copies of my father's certificate of naturalization and my parent's marriage certificate to get dual Austrian citizenship. It didn't work for me.

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I had to do it again… through the mail this time. The NY Vital Statistics website was confusing and didn't include enough information! Pierre, Did you get the letter of exemplification with it or just the short form birth certificate? Now, trying to get the situation fixed is proving to be a HUGE headache!! Will post when and how I get it resolved in case this happens to anyone else.

If anyone else has had this problem please post me! I live in France so should i : 1. To your second question, yes you still need to send to the Manhattan County Clerk before you go to the Department of State for the actual apostille.

Yeah after 3hrs on the phone, and what a headache for no good reason because the people who answer phone have no idea how to help you. Oh and dont call after pm because you will be on hold until they close and without ever getting an answer or talking to someone.

Seneca Falls, NY - Historic Gateway to the Finger Lakes

We provide same day, next day and two day apostille service to people and companies around the world for the state of Texas. You simple mail us via snail mail or overnight mail your documents and then choose how fast you want your documents back. They are knowledgeable super-responsive. Did you have to sign any forms or anything to get the Apostille Service do the actual apostille? Can I send a friend or family member to do it for me? Thanks for your time in advance! I also got the vault birth certificate long form and letter of exemplification thru Vitalchek.

I sent them both off to Albany for apostille, and they were returned because the birth certificate and letter of exemplification need to be certified by the NY county clerk. Website instructions seem difficult to navigate. I'm still trying to figure out where to send for the certification before resubmitting for the apostille. I need it to get married in France. Include a note asking for certification in order to get an apostille: Dear Sir or Madam, I am in the process of getting an apostille on my birth certificate so that I can get married in France. Enclosed please find: 1- My long form birth certificate with a letter of exemplification.

Enclosed please find: 1- My long form birth certificate with a letter of exemplification and notarization from the county clerk in Manhattan. Will upload it shortly Technorati Tags: apostille , birth certificate , manhattan county clerk , room to read , thomas crampton. My Life: Journalism to Digital Strategy. My newly expanded "People Page". Atmospheric Paris Evening. May 17, Roxy Reynolds. June 15, June 18, June 19, June 29, Eric Ferguson.

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How Do I Get a Birth Certificate?

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