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If you are asked to take a breath test at the station it is a crime to refuse to take the test.

Minnesota Criminal Process

Alternatively, you may be asked for a blood or urine sample rather than a breath test. You can refuse one either blood or urine but not both, meaning you have a choice as to which test you want to take. After you have provided the police with a sample of your blood, breath, or urine, you have a right to a second test of your own choosing.

You must make your own arrangements for this testing. If you refuse to take a test at the police station, you will be charged with refusal, and face enhanced penalties for refusing to take the test. Once you have provided the sample of breath, blood, or urine you will be read your Miranda rights and questioned further. Other than providing your name and address you should politely decline to answer any further questions on advice of counsel.

After you have been booked, the court will schedule a date for your arraignment or depending on the county that date may follow in the mail. Depending on the level of your charge you may or may not be released that night. Minnesota City Maps Includes a roadmap for each city in the state. Minnesota County Maps Includes a roadmap for each county in the state. Pioneer Press Newspaper based in St.

Paul with statewide readership. Star Tribune Newspaper based in Minneapolis with statewide readership.

Your Rights Around Law Enforcement | ACLU of Minnesota

Missing Adults A current but not complete list of missing adults in Minnesota. Missing Kids A detailed list of children missing from MN. Includes photos. Unclaimed Bodies Claim Us The UnClaimed Persons database UCP contains information about deceased persons who have been identified by name, but for whom no next of kin or family member has been identified or located to claim the body for burial or other disposition.

Name Us The National Unidentified Persons System is searchable database that contains records of recovered, but unidentified human remains. Patrol Drug Identification Prescription Drugs by Name A searchable list of all prescription drugs on the market by entering the drug name. Street Drugs A detail list of street drugs, their effects and what they look like. This book is updated every 4 years.

Miscellaneous Resources Dictionary Online Dictionary. License Plate Identity Examples of vehicle license plates for all states and the countries of the world. Yearly Calendar Check the yearly calendar for holidays and other days of observance.

Arrests for Domestic Abuse and Protective Order Violations

Private Detectives Obtain a list of licensed private detectives registered in MN. LexisNexis Accurint This database provides extensive information on individuals and businesses. A subscription is required. Pipl Find people. Simple search is free.. If phone is unpublished an address will still find a name based off of property owner. Google PhoneBook One of the best ways to reverse a phone number is to type it in Google. Phone Finder Reverse a cellular phone number to find the service provider. Qwest Phone Reversal Reverse a published phone number to find subscriber.

Includes transcriptions of the phone menus. MN Help Resource Center A organization that provides links to the many support services provided throughout the state. BCA - Crime Alert Network The Minnesota Crime Alert Network is a statewide communications network that enables law enforcement agencies to quickly alert over public entities about a crime or criminals.

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Peace Officers Standards and Training Board Minnesotas regulation board that oversees licensing and training of police officers. Attorney General Minnesota Attorney General home page.

MN State Representative Arrested For DUI

Traffic Cameras via map Minneapolis St. Paul bus schedules and other info. Add Your Training. A federal law enforcement agency is an organizational unit, or subunit, of the federal government with the principle functions of prevention, detection, and investigation of crime and the apprehension of alleged offenders.

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Listed below are all 73 federal agencies that employ full-time officers with federal arrest authority who are also authorized but not necessarily required to carry firearms while on duty. Of the 73 agencies, 33 of the 69 Offices of Inspector General also employ criminal investigators with arrest authority and authorization to carry firearms. There are 87 counties in the State of Minnesota. The Sheriff is considered the chief law enforcement officer of the county, however law enforcement services are also provided by many city police departments , state agencies and a limited number of speciality departments.

There are also several federal agencies that have jurisdiction in investigating federal or interstate crimes. MN Uniform Crime Reports. View BCAs annual reports on all crimes in the State listed by agency. Rules regarding the sharing of data on deceased people. Covers data privacy as it relates to licensing data. MN Statute Covers data privacy for mental health records and what can be released in emergency situations. This is a summary list of the more obscure public safety data practices statutes that are coded outside of Chapter This statute defines the requirement of what data you must keep and for how long.

Covers data privacy as it relates to DVS vehicle records. This statute says DL Photos are private, but may be obtained by law enforcement for the "investigation and prosecution of crimes Sub 5 of this statute covers how law enforcement should treat juvenile data.

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MN Statute C. Covers data privacy for what and when you can release police officer applicant records. Criminal Intelligence Data. This is a link to the Federal Code covering retention of Intelligence Data. This IPAD opinion covers the release of medical information included in a police report.

Minnesota Criminal Process

Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. Complete guide on data practices as it relates to MN government records. This statute covers the acceptance and non acceptance of gratuitities. Budgets Comparisons.

Compare financial reports between two cities, counties, or townships as recorded by the MN State Auditor. View how much state aid money that is given to each MN city over the past several years.

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MN State Purchasing Contracts. View the contracts the State of MN has with private vendors log in required. This state statute explains on how grants are managed in the state of MN. This state statute explains how grants are processed and audited in the state of MN. Department of Public Safety eGrants. This website provides a solution for agencies to apply for all grants provided by or through the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

TZD, Homeland Security. MN Rules relating to licensing and training Police Officers. MN statute Bureau of Mediation Services. BMS is a regulatory board that oversees public employee unions and grievances. Garrity vs New Jersey.